Diane Kruger: Cannes Edition

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Vanity Fair Oscar Party (02/2012)

“Armour” Cannes Film Festival Premiere (05/2012)

Haiti Carnival Benefit (05/2012)

Calvin Klein’s “Women in Film” Celebration (05/2012)


Diane Kruger — Style Icon Catch-Up

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I can’t really hit all of the amazing fashion that has occurred during my almost complete year pause from this blog there is really one important person I have to acknowledge. I obsessively stalk Diane Kruger on blogs and everything and keep furious track of everything she wears because I admire her so much. I don’t want to start this blog up really again but I do not want another Kruger piece to go by without my careful scrutiny. These are COMPLETELY out of chronological order, I’ve been saving a whole slew of them on my desktop and then just uploading randomly.

the Chanel and Charles Finch Pre-Oscar Dinner (02/2012)

“Les Adieux a la Reine” Paris Premiere (03/2012)

St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort & Residences Grand Opening (03/2012)

“Festival Night” Party (02/2012)

Jaeger-Lecoultre Celebrates Reverso 80th Anniversary

Brooklyn Decker at Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party

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I’m going to make a total generalization right now — she is dressing like a Sports Illustrated model. Were she a normal person — even a regular model, she would not pop dem boobs out so insanely. It’s a pretty dress once you can tear your eyes away from the painful intensity of her boobs just popped out there like that.

Credit: style.com/zimbio

Camila Alves at Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party

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Beautiful and elegant. Literally, this looks as if it is part of her body. She is one with the Couture gown. I thought that the Kaufmanfranco gown was really pretty and intense but it did not do the same thing that this one does for me. This is literally amazing and just such a win. It’s fabulous and deserves the red carpet attention.

Credit: zimbio/zuhairmurad.com

Florence Welch Performing at the 83rd Academy Awards

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Yea I don’t really think this is right. It’s beautiful and looks great on her…but is identical to her hair. Just a pet peeeve. Of the three looks of the night, this may be the most oscar-quality but it is my least favorite.

Credit: style.com/zimbio

Mandy Moore Performing at the 83rd Academy Awards

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This is just unbelievably fabulous. Strangely, the fact that I love this dress so intensely makes me hate her red carpet look more than previously. She just belongs in this dress and it looks so phenomenal it pains me. I would never take this off if I were Mandy. The other one was nice, it was pretty… This one is everything you could ever want in a dress in a dress. BAH KEEP THIS ON FOREVER. Obviously, this was a modified look — a bigger bustle and blue not yellow.

Credit: style.com/zimbio

Zooey Deschanel at Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party

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More Valentino! It’s a dream come true. This is really pretty and looks great on her — although her shoes, which almost blend into the red carpet, are horrific. Red satin? No honey. This dress is beautiful and I know that she has unusual style but you don’t do that to this dress.

Credit: style.com/zimbio

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