Beyoncé: “Run the World (Girls)” Music Video

May 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

While watching American Idol last night (yes, yes I do still watching. Guilty pleasure.), they premiered the Beyoncé music video that I wrote about a month ago [see here] with all of the grainy shots of couture pieces from while they were shooting the video. Last night, as I watched it with my mom and best friend, each time there was an outfit change I shouted out the name of the designer. There was more couture in this five minute video than in a couture fashion show. I’m posting the link then the runway shots — enjoy!!

1. Both Beyoncé and her back up dancer don Fall 2010 McQueen to start off the video. An absolutely stunning beginning.

2. A pair of Norma Kamali fringed shorts and Alexander Wang fringed short heels with a black bustier and gold Harness — intense? Not as intense as the riveting dance number she performs here.


The most delicious look I’ve ever imagined. This amazing, ethereal Givenchy piece in a sandy and dreary desert. What a dichotomy. The wild beasts being held back by the bad ass in the fairy tale gown.


Beyoncé stands strong against the water behind her in this Jean Paul Gaultier gown. With the cut outs and the harsh angles, it is the complete opposite of the Givenchy piece. This dress feels completely at home in the harsh atmosphere, it looks as if it owns the land.


B shines against the drab background in this attention grabbing Pugh dress. Not to be outdone by a flaming car in the background, she dons Pugh booties as well with mirrored gold around them. This is, what I would expect to be, the most uncomfortable outfit ever.


It was difficult to get a shot of the entire gown — which B had modified for better dancing. Rather than being a skirt it was more like a very long loin cloth — there were two pieces hanging down, full length, and connected above the waist. This color is STUNNING on her though, I wish she would wear this again to an event or something so we could see it in full light. Here, again, is an insane dance number.


Because of all of the dancing bringing up all the dust from the floor it’s nearly impossible to get a great shot of this dress. But it’s stunning. Even more stunning is how her boobs managed to stay intact in their respective places for this insanely complex dance routine.

Credit: youtube,

Emilio Pucci Fall 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring Couture 2011


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