Chiara Ferragni at the “Habemus Papam” Premiere at Cannes

May 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’m posting this one not because she’s a celeb or because I love the dress — but because her blog was the one I started reading when I realized that a life in fashion is possible by any means one may desire. Chiara’s gotten pretty famous in certain circles by now — and not to be the critical betch that I am, I see her style as going more downhill since then. She uses designer pieces as a crutch now. Where it used to be a pair of YSL’s paired with cheap clothing and making it work in a way that seems approachable, she’ll done complete couture looks that look straight off the runway (that’s a criticism). For a blogger in her shoes — a huge, international following — fashion creativity is your niche. You have to pick unusual pieces and make them work in a “I’m not famous, I’m just stylish” way. Half the time that I am drawn to something wild, I think about whether it’s something you can only pull off without criticism if you’re famous. I always buy this crazy things because that’s my style. Ferragni has stopped buying these pieces, opting for simpler looks that are a bit of a disappointment to her true following.

That said, she looked gorgeous at Cannes. This is a pretty Ferretti dress, although she’s playing it super safe (as I mentioned before, is becoming her thing). The pale pink is pretty on her but there are so many more interesting pieces from any Ferretti collection. This is completely beautiful yet completely forgettable.

Credit: zimbio


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§ 2 Responses to Chiara Ferragni at the “Habemus Papam” Premiere at Cannes

  • Amy says:

    Hello- I noticed in the post above you speak of wearing something straight off the runway as a negative thing and yet when ADR does it you are in love with her choice to do so. This seems contradictory. Im struggling to understand your point of view and wonder if your love of ADR is symptomatic of a band wagon. Can’t help but feel that If SJP showed up on the red carpet with a pineapple hat you wouldn’t be so in awe. Just a thought….

    • I understand what you are saying. My problems lie more with creativity. Anyone can copy a look straight from the runway and with most people it is a choice to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions or mis-matched pieces, any criticism from critics. Yet for ADR it’s an acknowledgement to the designer. She’s proven that she can put outfits together, matched really unusual pieces and garner the same acclaim through personal style decisions. If SJP wore a pineapple hat and rocked in the same way, I would be equally impressed. Wearing fruit on your head is worthy of applause merely for attempting. I guess there is no line except the difference between one who has been the focal point for years and proven talent and has widely broadcasted opinions on her feeling about runway looks and newcomers who are trying to avoid the “worst dressed” lists.

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