Ashley Olsen at the Metropolitan Opera Premiere of “Le Compte Ory”

March 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Big week for these two. This premiere was sponsored by YSL and all the celebrities at it were donning the designers couture. Ashley (left) was wearing a runway piece — Spring 2009 — and it was funny how current this dress was. The sheer material and the polka dot print could have been from the current season and not stuck out at all. The colored fur she paired with the dress is also so in right now. I love that Ashley modified the dress to be longer than on the runway — this is a black tie event and she made it much more elegant and glamorous. I think that they both look great — I adore Mary-Kate’s long, oversized vest and I am assuming it’s YSL as well but I would love to see more shots of it. Her face looks a little gaunt though and I can’t understand why. I love that these two have ended up in the place that they have. Rather than fizzling out or doing teen movies forever they’ve really gone where they want to with their life and are creating just beautiful clothing that is really working its way into being a staple in fashion.

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in The Row at Barney's



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