Let’s talk some custom gowns…

February 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

The custom gowns are always fun because they really give you insight to both the designers interpretations of the celebrity and the celebrity’s idea of themselves. This is so much simpler than I expected from Lawrence but also supremely elegant. She has shown a lot of style aptitude recently and I am impressed that she chose to go so simple for this hugely important venue. Steinfeld helped design her Marchesa gown which only adds to how much I admire this young girl. It is perfect for her — has such elegance, maturity and delicacy but retains the youthful touch with its tutu-style look. I loved it. I’m not really sure about Johannson’s look. I really liked it at first — the multiple colors and beautiful lace that encompasses the entire dress — and then I just realized the top is really cut strangely. It’s the glimpse of skin above the breast that may have ruined it for me. It just completely distracts from the dress — it’s like a jolt where you realize that there’s really just a gap in consistency. The way Adams’ Scott dress is so high cut and such an unusual style is really bold but that’s where the designers should have taken this dress.

Credit: zimbio


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