Miley Cyrus at the 2011 Pre-Grammy Gala & Salute to Industry Icons

February 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

I try to be very honest in these reviews because, frankly, I find blogs that are too PC are completely boring. I can fake liking every look but where’es the fun in that. You want my opinion so you read my blog. Here’s my honest opinion — I hate this, and I hate her. When I wrote that thing about Steinfeld in Valentino with the mary-janes a few minutes ago, I had forgotten that I would be about to blog about this look and I would have acknowledged this as the OPPOSITE of what I was praising Steinfeld for. We get it Miley — you’re young, hot and think you’re all that. That’s no need to go around flaunting your boobs in mesh dresses, flashing the fact that you’re underage — I’m a year older than you honey and I don’t wear things like this. That said, I don’t even think it is flattering. Her boobs like fake and her hips look distorted. With all that aside — I love the hair. What a beautiful and classic look that I wasn’t expecting, especially in combination with this dress. The other comment I have is that honey with this dress there is no need for the plethora of accessories you have. The Louboutin’s are beautiful and exciting but much better with a simple dress because they are so fascinating. That’s all I have — thanks for listening.

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